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Ensuring quality and food safety has been our main focus. Dedicated to keep the freshness of our products, we transport properly our catch of the day to our shop, where our freshly caught fishes are stored separately by type. We use vacuum packaging machines to safely preserve fish Vacuum to keep the products fresh, prevent any alterations while keeping their high nutritional value with pure taste.

Anemotrata of Maouna covers a wide range of fresh and frozen fish and seafood for a healthy and rich meal. Ask us to skin, de-bone and fillet your fishes so they would be ready for cooking effortlessly. Ask us to have your fishes delivered home or at your place of business.


Fresh fish, our catch of the day, such as

Striped red mullet, scorpion fish, seabream,  common dentex, dusky grouper, golden grouper, lobster,

Mediterranean anchovy, sprat, chub mackerel, horse mackerel, bogue, common squid

shrimps, codfish, picarel, John dory, octopus

Farmed fishes such as gilt-head, seabass, salmon, shi drum


Frozen fish and seafood such as octopus, common squid, shrimps and prawns, crayfish, crabs, scallops, smoked salmon, lobster as well as frozen meals and diners.


Salted products, such as marinated anchovies, marinated pilchard, octopus marinated in vinegar, smoked mussels, smoked macherel, smoked salmon, smoked eel.


Products from the local market

  • salt
  • salt and oregano
  • laurel
  • thyme
  • balsamic vinegar
  • sea fennel
  • sun-dried tomatoes
  • wine
  • sea fennel in vinegar



  • mussel
  • warty venus
  • callista
  • oyster
  • sea urchin
  • date mussel


Frozen delicatessen

  • Fish roe
  • Fish roe powder
  • crab meat
  • brik (salmon eggs)
  • caviar (belluga, osetra and more)
  • squid ink
  • Balik salmon fillet
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